Last modified: 2022.01.27

Burger: A Halo: Reach Forge Map

Multi-Team, King of the Hill

Burger is a king of the hill map designed for four teams (red, blue, green, and orange) to fight for one of the three hills in the center of the map. The hills are each on a different level, each with different ways to approach both taking and holding the hill.

Also worth noting is the nifty teleporter beneath the low hill, which will teleport a player to the high hill. It's handy to have if the hill moves up to the top or for taking whoever's up there by surprise!

The majority of this map was completed on Sunday, January 23rd, 2022. The next two days saw additional work on the map, but it was mostly touching things up, finding issues, and fixing them. For all the years I've spent playing Halo, this was my first real attempt at making a map in Forge. Some screenshots and insight from the creation of this map can be found here



This map can be acquired through my Halo file share. Xbox Live Gamertag: "Pummelator 1337"

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