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SoulSilver in 2023

I got this game as a present shortly after its release in 2010 and never ended up reaching the end of it. Over 13 years later, I set out to change that, documenting my journey primarily through a text log and journal.

Gears of War 2: Notes for New Players

Helpful notes for players new to or unfamiliar with Gears of War 2.

Burger: A Halo: Reach Forge Map

A Multi-Team King of the Hill map made in Forge mode for Halo: Reach on the MCC. There are three hills on platforms that are all stacked on top of each other. Hence, "burger".

Spinning 3D Hexagon Illusion

This is a 2D animation made with Canvas to look like a rotating 3D hexagon. There is also a lot of material explaining how it works, for those new to programming.

Game Settings for Robotron: 2084

A detailed listing of the settings that can be found in Robotron: 2084.

Cave Story Engine 2

CSE2 was a reverse-engineering project to recreate the source code of the freeware release of Cave Story. This project was subjected to a DMCA takedown by Nicalis, the company who owns the rights to the source code, and as such, development has ceased. This page is out of date and will likely remain that way.