UT99 Server Add-ons



From the official description: "Attacks from other players no longer deal damage. But instead reduce your mass, causing you to become lighter. The goal of Bounce is to knock your opponents into the various pools, pits, and other traps that litter the arenas."


I have no idea, I haven't actually tested this yet.


From the official description: "Chaos doesn't have any real sense behind its construction. In principle it's only a bunch of weird and cool things tied together; ...simply 'chaotic'."

Scavenger Hunt

From the official description: "This is a team game which can be best summed up as an interesting mix between CTF and Domination. The level is strategically populated (by the mapper) with flags of various point values: 50, 25, 10, and 5. Players search for these flags and bring them to their base to add the points to their score."


A wave-based PvE survival mode for UT. Fend off the hordes of monsters before they tear you and your buddies to shreds!


TheDane's Halloween

I have no idea, I haven't actually tested this yet.

Map Vote Ultimate 3

Instead of just using a map rotation, this allows for different maps and modes to be voted on at the end of a round. Handy for when one game mode isn't enough.

Nali Weapons 3

Replaces the standard weapons with an entirely new set of extreme weapons. Cook your enemies with the FlameTracker, smash them against a wall with the Graviton, deploy small armies of Cybots to automate the fragging process, and more!